Are Your Company’s Leaders Aligned?

How many of your employees fully understand your company’s business goals? Ask them. Right now! Go on. I’ll wait.

So, what did you discover? If more than half of your employees said that they’re not only aware of your company’s business objectives but are also actively contributing toward that goal, then congratulations! Your company is exceptionally rare.

In their book “The Strategy-Focused Organization,” Robert Kaplan and David P. Norton report that only seven percent of employees are committed to achieving their employer’s ultimate objective. Seven percent! Think about it: If your business has 40 people, only about three understand what the end game is -- three, likely you and your senior managers. That’s it. The rest of your employees are just blindly plugging away. They’re doing their jobs (hopefully) but not necessarily doing anything to get your company across the finish line. This scenario is even more fractured if your team leaders aren’t in alignment.

Let’s change that.

How to Express the Goal of Your Home Services Business to Your Employees

Articulate the Vision

Your company’s Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values are the pillars of your organizational success. They are the guiding principles by which you make all decisions. Without them, you’re steering a ship in the fog or driving without GPS. Who knows where you’ll end up.

Your company’s Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values are likely written down somewhere, even if on a Wendy’s napkin tucked away in your desk drawer (no judgments!). But when is the last time you shared them, out loud, with your employees?

Maybe your vision is to be the No. 1 plumbing service provider in your territory. If your employees don’t know that, they have no way of getting you there. And there are plenty of things they can do to help you achieve that goal, such as encouraging customers to write a nice Google review. Showing up on time, clean, and professionally dressed goes a long way, too. They can also pursue continuing education credits with a professional trade organization to increase their knowledge and improve their skills.

Telling your employees to do these things isn’t enough. They have to understand the why behind these directives. The why is your vision. When they understand your vision, they’ll commit to the company’s goals.

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Get Buy-In

A cool thing happens when you get employees across the board -- from your customer service reps to your senior managers -- to buy into a vision: It’s no longer just your company. It’s their company, too. They are the company! When they’re unified, they’ll hold each other accountable for the direction the company is heading. Why would they do that? Because people instinctively want to be part of a team -- preferably a winning one. They want to beat the competition.

Motivation starts with your senior management team. Consider your senior leaders your assistant coaches. They must be committed to the strategy to rally the team.

So, what’s the play? The gameplan is right there in your Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values.

The Vision Statement: This describes where your company will be in the future, i.e., the top-rated plumbing or HVAC company in your city. What can your managers and employees do to get the company there?

The Mission Statement: This defines the company’s purpose. If your company’s purpose is to provide quality plumbing and HVAC services at a competitive price, what can the team do to bring that to fruition?

Core Values: These are what your senior leaders should fall back on when making any decision. This means any and all decisions made that have an impact on the company’s direction and future reflect the Core Values. This will make the decisions easy, effective, and accurate.

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Hold Weekly Meetings

I can practically hear your eyes rolling. Hold weekly meetings? Are you kidding me?! Meetings can be tremendous wastes of time. But the key is to make them productive. Keep them structured. Keep them organized. Keep mindless chitchat to a minimum.

Weekly meetings are your leadership team’s opportunity to repeat your Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values, out loud, and get everyone aligned with the company’s goals. Weekly meetings are also your leadership team’s opportunity to, you know, LEAD.

I recommend setting a weekly leadership meeting with an intentional agenda:

  • Positive Focus (5 min)

  • Core Value Talk (5 min)

  • Company Updates (15 min)

  • Issues List (30 min)

  • Conclude with To-Dos (5 min)

Yes, I said Issues List and To-Dos! Imagine a leadership team that brings issues to discuss every week and has the time to prioritize the most important, discuss, get everyone’s feedback, and resolve. Then they can walk away with a clear To-Do to resolve the issue. This also allows the senior managers to be heard and feel that their opinions matter.

Bottom line: Every great company has one thing in common: employees committed to carrying out an organization’s stated objectives. The Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values are well known, from the C-suite executives to the field workers, to the customer service reps. Make your statements known, get buy-in, and brace yourself for success!

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