Why Your Inner Circle Matters

They say you are the average of the five people you hang around. Depending on who those people are, that could be a great thing...or a very bad thing.

Let’s take your spouse and children out of this equation because I’m certain they’re very fine people. I’m talking about the other people with whom you find yourself spending time.

Chances are good that these people -- whether they’re wonderful or not -- began orbiting your life through pure happenstance. Maybe they’re friends you went to high school with, employees who kind of just fell into the job, in-laws or other relatives who are just always...there. They’re in your life whether you want them there or not.

For most people, this is their inner circle -- for better or worse.

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Curate a Better Inner Circle

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your inner circle. No, I’m not encouraging you to dissolve your existing relationships (unless they’re unhealthy.) Rather, I’m suggesting that you intentionally spend time with people who are better than you -- better than you at business, better than you at marriage, better than you at being a parent.

An interesting thing will happen when you choose to fellowship with successful people: Their good habits will become your good habits! You’ll eventually rise to their level!

Your inner circle should consist of professionals who are the best in their fields, peers who are on the same growth journey as you, and mentors who can offer you help and guidance. They’ll celebrate your successes, help solve problems, and hold you accountable.

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How to Form an Inner Circle

Developing these relationships is no small task. How do you know you can trust them? Where do you even find them? And why should they take time out of their busy schedules to mentor you?

That’s why Built For The Trades offers Masterminds for the Trades. You don’t have to navigate these complexities because Masterminds for the Trades connects with 8 to 10 successful home services business owners. They know exactly where you’re at in business because they’ve been there themselves. They’re willing to give their time because there are others in this group or are even more successful than they are!

Through weekly sessions, you and your Mastermind peers can discuss challenges and achievements and hold one another accountable for reaching goals.

A Mastermind group is an invaluable resource for any business owner hoping to reach the next level.

Interested in joining a Masterminds group? Contact Built For The Trades today at (800) 789-4486, and we’ll get you on your growth journey!