Help! I Have Too Many Leads

The good news: Your marketing campaign is working.

The bad news: It’s working a little too well.

Having too many leads can feel nearly as bad as having too few. After all, your time and resources are limited. What’s a contractor to do?

5 Tips When You Have More Leads Than You Know What To Do With

Don’t stress. Your phone ringing off the hook simply means your services are in demand, putting you in the fortunate position of choosing which jobs to take. Here’s how to determine which calls to follow up on:

Score Your Leads

This is where we separate the wheat from the chaff. Lead scoring factors in neighborhood demographics, type of property, if the caller owns or rents and household features. Teach your customer service reps to gather as much of this data as they can so that they can effectively score each call. Scoring doesn’t have to be complicated. Rank each call on a scale of 1 to 5 so that you can determine which leads to pursue.

Prioritize the Big Ticket Jobs

Focus on the jobs with the most profit. Have your customer service staff flag only the calls that have big-ticket potential. Someone’s 20-year-old AC mysteriously stopped working? By all means, dispatch a tech for an estimate because that’s likely a replacement. A homeowner has sewage seeping into their front lawn? You’re looking at a new drain line!

Simply put, you do not have time for replacing filters and fixing dripping faucets. Sorry, but those calls will have to wait.

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Use Subcontractors

If you have a pool of good, reliable subs, lean on them for the big projects -- the HVAC replacements and whole-home repipes. That way you can reserve your techs for AC tune-ups, maintenance calls and other quick jobs.

Narrow Your Geography

When you can’t get to all calls, at least get to the jobs that are within a certain mile radius from headquarters. Maybe anything outside of, say, 10 miles is out of bounds for the day.

Follow Up On Other Calls Later

It doesn’t hurt to call back low-score leads when things slow down. Apologize for the delayed response and ask if there’s still anything you can help them with. Chances are their needs are taken care of but this is also a good time to conduct a little market research. Ask them how they heard about your company. That will help you determine if your direct-mail or SEO campaigns are working. If nothing else, they’ll remember you the next time they need you.

Dan Dowdy is the founder of Built for the Trades, a coaching and training organization exclusively for residential plumbers, HVAC technicians and electricians. Consider joining Masterminds for the Trades and surround yourself with the industry’s best professionals.