4 Signs It’s Time to Bring In a Business Coach

It’s perfectly reasonable for a small, family-owned business to hire a coach-- especially in the HVAC, electrical and plumbing trades. Business owners in these industries commonly come from humble beginnings. They worked their way up from apprentices and became second-in-command until they bought out the owner. Or they struck out on their own after years of working for someone else. Others, like me, became plumbers, HVAC technicians or electricians because that’s what their fathers did. In other words, very few of us had formal business training. We learned it as we went -- some of us achieving a great deal of success along the way.

But as they say, there’s always room for improvement.

Enter the business coach.

A good business coach is not your nephew who recently graduated with an MBA or an expensive consultant to Fortune 500 companies. It’s someone who has been where you are now and can help chart a path toward a more prosperous future.

Red Flags That Your Business Needs an Outside Perspective

So, when should you turn to a business coach?

When your business is growing.

And when it isn’t.

A good coach can help you sustain growth or dig yourself out of a rut. Here are four more signs you need outside help.

Your Ideas Are the Only Ideas

You have some good ideas to grow your business. At least, your employees tell you that they’re good ideas. But are they? An unbiased third party can give you an honest opinion. Plus, a business coach who knows your industry can tell you what works, and more crucially, what doesn’t.

You Know Where You Want to Go But Don’t Know How to Get There

A goal without a plan is a wish. A business coach can help you draw up a detailed plan of action, complete with benchmarks and due dates. Plus, your coach will hold you accountable. Regular check-ins on your progress are part of the deal. In other words, a business coach will do what others -- your employees, friends, even your spouse -- won’t do: hold your feet to the fire.

Maybe you’re a plumber who wants to launch an HVAC division or open a second (or third) location. A good coach will also tell you if your goal is even attainable. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t shoot for the stars. Your goal may be out of reach for now but a consultant will help line up smaller targets to hit on your way to your ultimate objective.

Your Business Has Plateaued

Your business is generating healthy revenue but you’ve become...comfortable. That’s a dangerous place to be. A coach can give your business a much-needed shot in the arm by identifying weaknesses and opportunities. Think of it as a business tune-up. After your consultation period, you’ll have a punch list of actionable items to cut costs and raise profits.

You Can’t Get Buy-In From Employees

One of your biggest obstacles could be your employees. A good business coach will assess your company culture and look for ways to motivate your team. This includes everyone, from your receptionist to your field managers. A comprehensive training program can raise professionalism, increase ticket averages and lift morale.

Get Built for the Trades

Business coaches are a dime a dozen but very few specialize in the HVAC, plumbing and electrical industries. That’s why I founded Built for the Trades, a training and coaching organization dedicated to helping businesses like yours. As a fellow tradesman, I know your challenges and can help you find opportunities. Whether through one-on-one coaching or our peer-to-peer mentoring program, Built for the Trades offers valuable advice, a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on.

Ready to grow? Contact Built for the Trades today at (800) 789-4486.