How to Identify Leaders in Your Home Service Business

You have a solid crew. Every last one of them was vetted, certified, and do their jobs well. From the customer service rep to the field manager, your team is as good as it’s ever been, thanks to your ongoing coaching and training efforts.

When you need to fill a management role, you’ll have a deep bench of talent to draw from. While they’re all capable, only one or two among them are true leadership material. They’re not always easy to spot because good leaders aren’t loud, boisterous, or bossy. Instead, they’re quietly working behind the scenes, giving advice and encouragement and lending an extra hand where needed, expecting nothing in return but a paycheck.

So, how can you find your company’s rock star, your right-hand, so to speak? Use this list of questions as you carefully consider each candidate:

10 Questions Business Leaders Should Ask Before Offering a Promotion

1. Do they positively influence others?: This person has a contagiously positive attitude. Everyone on your team likes this person, but more than that, they want to be like this person. This team member is the opposite of toxic.

2. Do they desire to grow and develop themselves?: This person never stops learning. They’re eager to pursue every opportunity to strengthen their skills. Attending a trade conference is their idea of a good weekend. They have continuing education credits to spare.

3. Do they go out of their way to help others and promote teamwork?: Not only does this person pull their weight, but they’re more than willing to roll up their sleeves to pitch in for others.

4. Do they look for opportunities amid a problem?: This person is more than a problem solver. He or she has a knack for turning a bad situation around for the benefit of all.

5. Do they take ownership of their mistakes?: This person doesn’t pass the buck. They not only own their mistakes but correct them and learn from them.

6. Do they lead by example?: You wish all of your employees were more like this person. He or she shows up on time, arriving clean and going home dirty.

7. Are they self-motivated?: This person never asks for things to do. They find them and make them better. They take the initiative and then some.

8. Are they organized?: You can tell a lot about a person by how they organize their tools. Take a look inside their service truck. If it’s tidy, you may have a winner.

9. Are our values compatible?: This one is crucial because you’ll be working closely with this person. If your values aren’t aligned, leadership will fracture, and the repercussions will be felt throughout the company.

10. Are they humble?: Rather than hog the spotlight, they’re happy to give credit where it’s due. They’re confident in their abilities and do not strive for constant validation.

Leadership for the Trades

Are you ready to take the growth lid off of your company? After decades of leading a home service business to unprecedented heights, Dan Dowdy became a fully certified John Maxwell leadership coach to help company’s like yours achieve success. To learn about Built For The Trades and our custom leadership programs, call (800) 789-4486 today!