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Dan Dowdy

Founder, Coach
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As the founder of Built For The Trades, Dan Dowdy is extremely passionate about giving back to the trades industry. One of his life goals is to help his fellow tradesmen and women succeed. As a second-generation master plumber, with 10+ years of experience running his own service truck and 10+ years of experience leading a multimillion-dollar plumbing service company, you can bet that he has the tools and expertise to bring your business to the next level. In his career he has transitioned from technician to manager to the owner of S & D Plumbing, and now he is ready to share his experience to help strengthen the trades industry.

Dan took charge of a mom-and-pop company and turned it into a progressive, five-star company that is set for growth and looked upon as one of the best companies in the Austin, Texas market.

Some of the notable changes he made include:

  • Building a vision, a mission, and a set of core values.
  • Developing systems and procedures for training, position agreements, scorecards, CSR scripts, tech service systems, and inventory management.

To achieve success, Dan had to commit to his own personal growth. He spent a decade expanding his knowledge through mastermind groups, personal coaching, training, books, podcasts, events, and more. He believes that there is nothing new under the sun; all that you have to do is “find awesome and copy it!”